Tagging Gun

Tags, Hooklink & Gun
Trace, Hook & Nylon tags
Push needle through root on tail of baitfish
Place hooklink ring over needle & pull trigger
Finished article. Quick, simple, effective.
  • A handy item for predator anglers to attach the bait with a simple pull of the trigger
  • Hair rig using a 20mm nylon tag as the hair so that the hook doesn’t go into the bait, thereby allowing the hook to become hinged and have more free movement.
  • Fix a small ring to the trace/hook. Can be used with trebles, singles or doubles.
  • Good for livebait attachment – having no metal hook in the bait reduces stress to the livebait. Less handling of live fish.
  • Good for deadbait attachment. No need to handle the bait thereby reducing the chance of anything on the hands contaminating the bait, whilst also reducing damage to soft fragile baits.
  • Quick, easy and handy to use which helps keep the hands out of the cold – especially appreciated when using frozen deads or livies straight out of the bucket on a frosty morning.
  • Can also be used to attach worms, boilies and all manner of baits.

Tagging Gun Starter Kit £14.50

1 Tagging Gun

1 Spare Needle

250 Nylon Tags

Refill Packs
Pack of 400 Nylon Tags
Pack of 1000 Nylon Tags

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